Margaret Mariani

Margaret’s genuine curiosity in people led her to pursue a life in qualitative research. She’s a skilled moderator, inspiring facilitator, and agile strategic partner who’s worked on projects covering a wide range of industries and respondent types. Margaret has a special passion for Millennial and Gen We markets and spends extra time understanding the unique interplays of both of these generational groups. 

Prior to launching The StratLab, Margaret spent more than a decade working as a brand strategist at some of the country’s best creative advertising agencies such as McKinney and GSD&M. Because her formative years were spent within the corridors of these great agencies, she understands creative development and respects the creative process. Her client experience includes Fortune 100s to smaller companies, branding firms to advertising agencies. She’s an active and proud member of QRCA, Insights Association, EPIC, and WIRe

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Margaret As Your Next Qualitative Partner:

  • High Energy Level - Research Participants Will Have Fun and Be Fully Engaged
  • Strategic Background - Your Backroom Questions Will Be Answered Before You Even Ask
  • Professionalism - Your Project Will Run Seamlessly. Guaranteed.