The StratLab team is able to uncover the most useful insights and turn them into sociable talk pieces.

Simply, we are curious about people. How they speak, what they wear, what they believe, why they do what they do. We like helping brands better connect with people. That's why we do what we do. By leveraging a global network of uber talented consumer researchers, brand strategists, anthropologists, sociologists, and designers, The StratLab team is able to uncover the most useful insights and then turn those insights into talk pieces that are easily shared throughout our clients' corridors. Giving our clients the ability to move insights from the streets to the boardroom.


Life isn’t static. Neither is your consumer, employee, or competitor.

Companies need to evolve with consumers or face obsolescence. In order to stay relevant, companies need to stay attune to changing market trends and consumer preferences by consistently conducting market research. It’s the only way to really know what people–your current and future consumers–think, feel, want, and need. Being in close contact with old customers, new customers, future customers, and employees is one of the easiest ways for brands to retain a competitive edge. Strategic customer research leads to stronger and smarter decisions for branding, marketing, innovation, customer experience, and any other consumer touchpoint. Giving your brand the ability to amplify differentiation and deepen emotional connection.


When you work with The StratLab, you work with a custom team of experts especially pulled together for your unique project. By leveraging a global network of talented researchers, anthropologists, sociologists, brand strategists, videographers, and designers, The StratLab builds a team best fit to get you the right answers.