As PC as Millennials are, they have a highly sensitive BS ometer. Being raised in an atmosphere where they're bombarded with branded messaging in obvious and subtle-not-so-subtle ways, this group can quickly call BS on inauthentic brands.

Brands who want to connect with Millennials need to stand against.

  1. Trying Too Hard

  2. Schizophrenic Behavior

  3. Expected & Boring

Trying Too Hard: Don't adopt of-the-quick-moment phrases like "FOMO" and "on fleek" just because you think that'll make your brand cool. Just stay true to the brand's values. The most popular cool kids are confident in their individual self.  I like how Gravity Media wrote about this in Why Millennials Don't Like Your Post on Inc.

Schizophrenic Behavior: Seriously, who wants to be friends with a person who acts one way one day and another way another day. Man, that's a mind f$%#. Consistency is a brand attribute that never goes out of style. Just like a classic black dress.

Expected & Boring: Who doesn't like getting surprised with a bouquet of peonies or tickets to a Mets game. Surprises are good. Just like in any relationship. Take a look at your brand values and find ways to create unexpected experiences that reflect what your brand stands for.

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